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Werde mir über das wochenende überlegen Dasjenige limit tiefer nach legen. Hinsichtlich fern könnten wir fallen. Dass ist An diesem ort die frage. Electrician Bankstown

However, many aviation analysts say that in the Fest of a prolonged war, U.S. airlines in particular would suffer declines rein revenue, which could again slice into the market for commercial airplane deliveries.

Weakening economic conditions and the September 2001 attacks in the United States have forced Boeing to cut its own jet delivery targets sharply and lay off tens of thousands of workers.

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That has prompted several carriers to reconsider the single aircraft fleet model popularized by Southwest Airlines Co. (NYSE:LUV - News), which flies only 737s, saving money on maintenance and Verkehrsflugzeugführer and crew Weiterbildung.

The rocket can launch payloads with a maximum weight of five metric tonnes and will be taken out of service after one more launch scheduled for February.

EADS operating profit, or earnings before interest, taxes and amortisation, is expected to Chose by about 15 percent in 2002. And goodwill depreciation and writedowns are seen pushing the firm to a net loss for the year.

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The NGDS, developed by EADS S&DE, is a countermeasures Struktur that can protect all types of surface vessels against anti-ship missiles and torpedoes.

Last week, the MoD announced that the delivery would be pushed back by a further six months. However, BAE insiders say that the aircraft are "ready to go" and that the UK "uniquely" among the four European purchasing nations is delaying final acceptance.

Keskar said technical and financial bids have been submitted for the long-Auswahl deal and technical bids have been opened.

"We`ve got more money going into defense in this country than all of Europe has," Nisbet said. "They want to tap into that."

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Boeing, which runs its commercial jet unit from Seattle, a few miles down the road from Alaska`s headquarters, has long advocated the single aircraft fleet model and noted that the airline operates 62 additional 737s.

The companies are also awaiting final approval of an Air Force proposal to offset a commercial slowdown by spending an additional $1 billion on the effort to develop a booster rocket for U.S. military satellites over the next five years.

Other collaborations between European defence contractors could also be rein doubt including the military website version of the Airbus, the A400M. BAE Systems does not have all its eggs hinein the European defence basket.

Later, Airbus spokesman David Velupillai told a Nachrichten conference the European consortium welches hinein talks with HAL and "we expect them to end up manufacturing some parts of the A380" that could include nose-landing components.

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